SKYRIDER - 2 Seats Helicopter - Technical Specifications

Pay Load: Kg 270
Takeoff or take off max weight: Kg 550 (AECi Reg.495)
Lenght: cm 657
Height: cm 228
Cabin width: cm 130
Cabin height: cm 110
Main Rotor 3 Composite Blades
Blade lenght: cm 350
Tail Rotor. Composite Blade: diameter cm 140
MW Piston engine     155 Hp
RoC Rate of Climb: 7,5m/s
HIGE Heihgt in Ground Effect 2260Mt/7000ft
HOGE Height off Ground Effect 1550Mt/5100Ft
Service ceiling 3000Mt /10000Ft
Frame: Aeronautical Steel / Titanium HPI
Cabin and Tail: carbon made
Fuel: MO GAS gasoline 95 Oct
Fuel consumption: 18/22 L.per Hour
Fuel Tank 65 Lt.
Endurance 3 Hours (+ 10min.reserve)
Limit Temp.- OAT LIMIT 40 Degrees
VNE 200 Km/h ISA Conditions
Cruise Speed 160 Km/h
Economy Speed 85 Km/h